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NetCap Systems

Exponential Increase in Cyber Threats

LLuMux based on GPT Technology

Exponential Need for Innovation

mux.DB Connects our bespoke APIs

The Future Demands It

The Mux Scan® Cyber Security Platform ©2023

Mux Scan® is a Cyber Security Platform using AI and Machine Learning. Combining the cutting edge technology of GPT Models and a new faster database, The mux.db™ Database. Then by building on the pioneering methodologies inspired by Silicon Valley Giants, like Steve Jobs and John McAfee, we have expanded their ethereal approach to computing that is more in line with current quantum understandings. Cyber security evolved. The true merger of hardware and software. Reconnisance, Monitoring, and Reporting. Additionally, in necessary cases: Targeting, Obfuscation, and Complete Disposition of Networked Digital Anomalies. Our Goal is the Complete Synthesis of Analysis, Analytics, and Innovation.
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New Protection for Constantly Evolving Threats
    Net Cap CapTTure     |     Net Cap PenCaster

 NetCap Systems™ is the engine that powers Mux Scan®.
Combining an inference system with a security software suite
that utilizes concurrent yet discrete software packages to
interact through our own bespoke Application Programming Interface.
NetCap Systems™ includes both NetCap CapTTure™ and NetCap PenCaster™.
Unlike others, our A.P.I. engages with a new model that we have trained.
Utilizing the technology of Generative Pre-trained Tranformer models used by
competing companies, yet rooted in very different origins and philosophies. To connect
to third-party A.P.I.'s around the web with current quantum understandings which have not yet been
implemented into today's other models properly. We have trained our own model weights with parameters using
our own innovative unique approach.

 Our inspiration, like Nikola Tesla, is the solar system.
Modern Cyber Security Platforms using A.I. and Machine Learning neglect this additional resource and methodology that can truly create an artifical understanding of network monitoring with both defensive and offensive capabilities. At this level a system that is truly semi-sentient can and will be achieved. Our ambitious goal: merge Machine Learning, Neural Networks, GPT models, and available Modern Cloud Infrastructure to unleash the full potential of the protections that A.I. enhanced NetCap Systems™ can offer. What Mux Scan® Software Solutions can offer.

The future demands it. Our world deserves it.

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